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Features of Atlas elevators in schools  Price  ( 1 AED ) 

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Features of Atlas elevators in schools
The most recent progress in architecture field had made great changes in designing buildings and their needs, the more sophisticated the construction gets, the more supplies it requires. We may note this in business, tourism, and science, where schools have recently had a desire for elevators. School elevators can not be classified with panoramic elevators or villa and home elevators, because the different types of institution generate different requirements, as Atlas has shown by installing its elevators in several schools.

Installation area
Schools do not always have a specific place for elevators, so we have created additional spaces and used small areas. or place the elevator in the center of the institution and provide it with safety. The choice depends on the school's design, available space, and customer preference.

Exterior look
School lifts do not need exuberant and attractive exterior designs like house elevators, they are more practical and simpler. However, the elegant exterior can not be abandoned, where school elevators are a combination of simplicity and beauty to reflect the character of the institution and the desired impression. In addition to the adaptation of doors and external keyboards with the location and shape of the elevator.

Interior Design
As mentioned earlier, school elevators occupy a small space and do not require extravagance in the decorations, so we try to take advantage of every part of the elevator. This is done by shortening the basic requirements and integrating them, as well as moving away from luxuries such as marble floors and speakers. The lights are often protected from tampering or breaking by placing hidden lights and providing the elevator with a safety instruction panel.

Operating mechanisms
The machines used in school elevators vary depending on all previous factors, as with doors and others. Some projects have been implemented with a hydraulic engine, a manual door, and others with an electric motor and an automatic door. This has contributed to the construction of elevators that are consistent with the building to meet its needs and to fill gaps between the requirements of elevator elements and the building's characteristics.

Atlas projects in schools
Atlas schools elevators have been used in a number of schools in the United Arab Emirates, such as the Shuweifat School in Abu Dhabi, where the transparent elevator is located in the center of the building, and features an internal keyboard on the handle. The elevators in the other schools have the appearance of solid aluminum, outside the building in a special framework, with a difference informalities and minor additions such as internal mirrors and keyboard lock. These elevators were provided at the Abdul Jalil Fahim and Jiran Yafour Schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Rafiah School in Sharjah and Al Twain School in Ras Al Khaimah.
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