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Google presents two new apps: Storyboard and Selfissimo!

Google has been dabbling with the development and release of interesting little apps for a while now. We’re already familiar with Motion Stills, and now […]

Focus Go: one of the simplest and most lightweight gallery apps ever

Nowadays, with so many apps trying to offer every single feature imaginable, some creators decide to go in the opposite direction, with a minimalist “less […]

MAJOR Clash Royale Update: cards, chests and a brand new arena

Looks like Supercell doesn’t stop for even a single second. Clash Royale was recently updated with some of the biggest changes in the game’s history. […]

CineTrak is your guide on Android to discovering movies and series

The world of Android apps about movies seems to be going into overdrive recently, after a long period of no new developments. CineTrak is the […]

Ten roguelikes for Android that you don’t want to miss

The term “Roguelike” is a word that tends to evoke a certain amount of fear in the average videogame lover. This RPG subgenre typically means […]

Here are all of the official versions of Firefox for Android

Browser developers love to complicate things. If a ‘Lite’ version of the standard client wasn’t enough, now you have to keep track of beta versions […]

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is now available across the globe

The Android videogame based on the most significant soccer manga in history is now available across the globe.  Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has finally been made […]

Dash Quest Heroes: an epic pixelated adventure

Dash Quest from Tiny Titan Studios is a successful game for mobile devices that has you move though settings following endless runner gameplay but adapting the formula […]

How to share your real-time location on WhatsApp

One of the new updates that were leaked months ago is here at last: we can finally share our location in real time on WhatsApp. This new feature […]

Enjoy original series on your smartphone with blackpills

Whether you find yourself on the bus, train, waiting at the doctor’s office … you’re probably on your phone, and 9 times out of 10, […]